Participation Form

October 15th, 2017 and Before
After October 15th, 2017
   Normal Registration
115 Euro
140 Euro
   Assistant / Student
60 Euro
70 Euro
   Daily Registration
45 Euro
50 Euro
- 2017
   Accompanying Fees ( Wife and Children ) 
45 Euro
50 Euro

Registration Information

  • The registration fee includes access to scientific meetings.
  • Participants who do not make reservation at the congress hotel, have also pay daily use 20 Euro, per day, including VAT.
  • Student participants are required to submit a student document from their institution during the congress. The student's document needs to be taken in November.
  • A participant can only benefit from a discount. Members with debt dues can not benefit from these discounts.
  • %18 VAT Included.

Registration Cancellation – Return Terms

  • Burkon Tourism & Congress should be notified in written for all registration cancellations.
  • The entire fee will be refunded for cancellations reported until September 15th, 2017
  • %50 of the fee will be refunded for cancellations reported until October 15th, 2017
  • Cancellations after October 06th, 2016 will not be refunded, name changes will be accepted.



I DONT WANT TO ACCOMMODATE (I want to join as external participation)

Package Burkon participations who wish to stay outside the authorized Mr. Murat Nane Records (,
+90 224 2334000) are required to call. package price per night will be divided into three.
ASKA RIVER SUITE (3 Night Package Fees)
Single Room 165 Euro
Double Room Per Person 130 Euro
Triple Room Per Person 115 Euro
Quadruple Room Per Person 105 Euro
Accommodating - 1 / Name & Surname
Accommodating - 2 / Name & Surname
Accommodating - 3 / Name & Surname
Accommodating - 4 / Name & Surname

Accommodation Information

  • Those who want to stay out of a single room, you have to find people to stay in their own side, and must report on the pre-registration form.
  • 3 Night Package is check in at November 15, 2017 and check out at November 18, 2017
  • All accommodations are included. All meals are buffet and domestic alchol is included.
  • Congress included roundtrip per person transfer fee for guests staying at the hotel VAT 15 Euro.
  • %8 VAT Included.

Cancellation and Refund Conditions

  • Burkon Tourism & Congress should be notified in written for all registration cancellations.
  • For cancellations made until September 15nd, 2017, the registration fee will be fully refunded.
  • For cancellations made until October 15nd, 2017, 50% of the registration fee will be refunded.
  • For accommodation cancellations made after October 15nd 2017, no refund will be made but participation name change will be accepted.

External Participation Dates : - 2017

External Participation Information

  • In all-inclusive hotels, food and beverages are provided free of charge at all bars and restaurants during the congress activities within the hotel concept. For this reason, identity check is done at the entrance and foreign participation fee 20 Euro, including VAT per day is charged to those who do not stay at the congress hotel.

  • External Participation fee must be paid to the organisation secretariat and must be informed to Mr. Murat Nane about the payment. ( , 444 9 443)

I want Arrival and Departure Transfers.

Antalya Airport-Congress Hotel round trip transfer fee is 15 Euro, VAT is included.
The price is valid only for the participants who accommodate at the congress hotel.

Arrival Information

Flight Dates:

Flight Time: Flight Code:
Departure Information
Flight Dates: Flight Time: Flight Code:

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  Institution :    
  Post Adress :
  Office Telephone :    
  Home Telephone :    
  Mobile Telephone :    
  Fax :    
  E-mail :    
( Wife and Childrens ) :

   Credit Card          Money Transfer

Registration Fee EURO
Accommodation Fee EURO
External Participation Fee EURO
Transfer Fee EURO
Exchange Rate CENTRAL BANK OF THE REPUBLIC OF TURKEY Exchange rate is based on
Total TL Fee TL
Installment         TL Please charge my credit card.

  * Installment is available just for Turkish Akbank credit cards. Installment is 3% of the difference.
  * Please select Payment In Advance With Credit Card for your other cards.

Amount of money above has been paid into the bank account which is below the date     

Burkon Tourism and Congress Organization Corp.
Ziraat Bank Fevzi Cakmak Branch of, Bursa
TL Branch Code :  947
TL Account No : 637641095001 
TL IBAN No : TR 30 0001 0009 4763 7641 0950 01
RECEIVER : Burkon Tourism & Congress Organization Company
EURO Branch Code :  947
EURO Account No : 637641095002
EURO IBAN No : TR 03 0001 0009 4763 7641 0950 02
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